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Jasmeet Singh

Graphic, Motion and Ui & Ux Designer


+91 704 252 5529


Tilak Nagar, Delhi, 110018

Date of Birth:

May 12th, 1987

A Bit About Me

Jasmeet Singh is an experienced design professional with over 15+ years of expertise in the industry. Based in Delhi, he has developed a diverse skill set in various design disciplines, including graphic design, motion design, UI/UX design, 3D art, photography, and videography. Jasmeet is a creative problem solver with a passion for bringing ideas to life through design. He has worked on numerous projects across various industries, delivering visually stunning and effective designs that capture the essence of a brand or product. With his deep understanding of user-centered design principles and technical skills, Jasmeet is able to create high-quality designs that meet and exceed client expectations.

Skills and Toolkits


Drawing, Story-boarding and Mood Boarding


Pen or Graphic Tablet, Window or MacOS


Blender,  Substance Painter and Designer, ZBrush,  Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Corel Draw, Dimension, Affinity Suite, Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, Axure RP, Balsamiq, Framer, Figma, Skecthbook Pro, Krita, GIMP, Inskscape, Scribus

Core Field

Graphic Design, UI-UX Design, Brand System, Social Media Promotion, Banners or Promotional Collaterals, Gifs

Hobbies for Update

Study or understand the design trends, Read blogs and articles of design experts globally, Implementation the new trends to articulate updation

Graphic Design, 3D Illustrations

UI & UX Design,
Product and Web Design


Sketching, Planning,
Wireframing, Site Mapping, Stick-Noting


Mood boarding, Interaction Prototypes,


Adobe XD, Figma

Invision Studio,  Balsamiq, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Elementor, Wix, WYSIWYG Builder, Website X5, Template Toaster, Boostrap Studio


Single Page, Multiple Page, Landing Page, WordPress, Emailer, Newsletter, Forms, Prototype, 

Hobbies for Update

Keen eye on design trends, study and implementation in to the design process


Story-boarding, Sketching, Brainstorming, 
Camera Handling and Accessories


Character Design, Background Design, Element Constructions and Planings


After Effects, Adobe Animate, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, MochaPro, Continuum, Silhoute, Red Gaint, DuIK, Rubberhose, Joystick and Slider, Element 3D, Stardust, Newton, Audacity, Boom 3D, Adobe Audition, Storyboarder and Lots more...


Explainer Video, Whiteboard, Intro, Outro, Video Editing, Trailer, Color Corrections, Logo Animation, Corporate Shoot, Product Shoot, Interview Shoot

Motion & Video Editing and

Work Experience










Sep 2022 - Present

Company: (
Designation: Manager-Design

Key Responsibility: Effectively manage and supervise the design process for a diverse team of 30 individuals encompassing tech, marketing, designers, occasional HR personnel, and direct superiors. This includes overseeing the creation and execution of design projects, ensuring alignment with the company's vision and goals. Additionally, facilitate seamless collaboration between cross-functional teams, provide guidance on design principles, and maintain a cohesive design language across various departments. Manage resources, timelines, and project deliverables to meet organizational objectives while fostering a collaborative and innovative design culture within the team. Regularly communicate with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, ensuring the design output meets both internal and external requirements.

Jul 2021 - Sep 2022

Company: Paytm

Designation: Team Lead - Design

Key Responsibility: As the Design Team Lead overseeing a team of 20 individuals, manage and guide the design process across a wide spectrum of projects, including but not limited to Electricity, Mobile Bills & Recharges, DTH Recharge, Rent, Cooking Gas Bill, Insurance, Credit Card, Organization Websites, mailers, newsletters, social media posts, icon animations, and other animated elements. Provide strategic direction and creative leadership to ensure cohesive and visually impactful designs across diverse platforms.

Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to understand project requirements and align designs with the organization's brand and objectives. Oversee the creation of Festival Templates, offering guidance to the team in maintaining a consistent and engaging visual identity. Additionally, lead efforts in UI Design for applications, ensuring a user-friendly experience, and spearhead UI Upgradation initiatives to keep designs current and innovative.

Facilitate collaboration within the team, manage resources effectively, and ensure timely project delivery. Actively participate in Print Production processes, ensuring high-quality output for various materials. Stay updated with industry trends and technologies to implement the latest design practices. Overall, drive the design team to achieve excellence in both creativity and functionality across a broad spectrum of projects.

Jul 2020 - Dec 2020

Company: Frogideas

Designation: Sr. Communication Designer

Key Responsibility: As a Senior Communication Designer leading a team of 8, orchestrate comprehensive design strategies across a spectrum of digital mediums for diverse clients, including industry giants like Tata Communication, Tata Steel, Twitter, and renowned hotel and restaurant chains. Direct social media promotions, UI/UX design, and the creation of dynamic visual content, including animated video promotions, editing, GIFs, and other animation elements.

Take charge of crafting visually appealing and user-friendly designs, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Lead the development of interactive digital assets and oversee the end-to-end process of web design for various brands, individual organizations, startups, and multinational corporations.

Collaborate closely with clients to understand their brand identities and objectives, translating them into impactful visual designs that resonate with target audiences. Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies to infuse innovation into designs. Provide mentorship and guidance to the team, fostering creativity and maintaining high design standards.

Overall, drive the team to deliver exceptional communication designs that elevate the brand presence, captivate audiences, and align with the unique identities of different clients and organizations.

Apr 2019 - Jul 2020

Company: Outlook Traveller

Designation: Graphic Designer & Motion Graphic Artist

Key Responsibility: As a Graphic Designer and Motion Artist, undertake multifaceted roles, including editing videos for traveler footages and travel conclave events. Design captivating magazine covers for travel publications, curate social media promotions to enhance travel promotion, and produce video shoots and edits for state-sponsored tourism and government tourism promotion initiatives. Innovatively create UI concepts for digital magazines, catering to phone, tablet, and desktop users.

Engage in the design of promotional materials such as leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, and travel guide books, ensuring a visually appealing and informative presentation. Lead the comprehensive process of crafting Coffee Table Books, involving photo shoots, meticulous edits, and delivering print-ready outputs.

The role involves a dynamic blend of graphic design and motion artistry to create compelling visual content across various platforms, contributing to the promotion and enhancement of travel experiences.

Jul 2016 - Apr 2017

Company: Solomo Media
Designation: Graphic and Motion Designer

Key Responsibility: As a Graphic and Motion Designer in a Digital Agency Startup, the primary role involves managing a multifaceted set of responsibilities. This includes collaborating with diverse clients, understanding their requirements, and offering innovative design solutions for their products. Special attention is dedicated to creating unique designs tailored for festive occasions, incorporating animation elements to enhance visual appeal.


The responsibility extends to the end-to-end process, from conceptualization to publication, ensuring that client expectations are not only met but exceeded. Additionally, effective client management is crucial, involving clear communication, understanding client needs, and delivering exceptional design solutions that align with their brand.


As a leader in the startup, overseeing a team of 6 designers and 3 interns is an integral aspect of the role. This includes providing guidance, fostering creativity, and ensuring that the team collectively meets project objectives and maintains high design standards. Simultaneously, handling animation and video works single-handedly demonstrates proficiency and expertise in motion design.


The overall responsibility is to contribute to the success and growth of the Digital Agency Startup by consistently delivering outstanding graphic and motion designs, fostering client satisfaction, and effectively managing and leading a creative team.

Jul 2015 - Jul 2016

Company: Bee Interactive Social House LLP
Designation: Sr. Graphic Designer

Key Responsibility: As a Senior Graphic Designer in a Digital Agency Startup, the key responsibilities include leading design efforts for multiple clients, encompassing understanding and meeting client requirements, suggesting innovative designs, and crafting special designs for festive occasions with animated elements. The role extends to overseeing the entire design process, ensuring client expectations are surpassed through effective communication, and delivering exceptional solutions aligned with brand identity. A crucial aspect is the ability to handle animation and video work independently, showcasing proficiency in motion design. In essence, the Senior Graphic Designer contributes significantly to creativity, client satisfaction, and independent project management, driving the success and growth of the Digital Agency Startup.

May 2017 - Apr 2019

Company: Outlook Money

Designation: Graphics and Motion Designer

Key Responsibility:As a Graphic and Motion Designer, the core responsibility is to seamlessly integrate graphic design and motion elements across a spectrum of financial initiatives. This includes video editing for finance experts and financial conclave events, designing visually compelling magazine covers for a Mutual Fund publication, and orchestrating social media promotions to enhance financial awareness.

Lead the video shooting and editing processes for state-sponsored budget presentations, economic schemes, and government initiatives, contributing to the effective communication of economic policies through engaging visual content. Innovatively create UI concepts for digital magazines, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices such as phones, tablets, and desktops.

Contribute to the design and creation of promotional materials like leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, and Mutual Funds guidebooks, maintaining a balance of information and aesthetic appeal. Oversee the comprehensive production of Coffee Table Books, involving photo shoots, meticulous edits, and delivering print-ready outputs.

As worked Graphic and Motion Designer, it demands a dynamic combination of creativity and technical proficiency to visually convey intricate financial concepts, playing a vital role in promoting financial literacy and conveying government economic initiatives effectively.

Oct 2014 - Jul 2015

Company: Buzzooka InfoMedia Private Limited

Designation: Graphic Designer

Key Responsibility: As a Graphics Designer in a startup, the primary responsibility is to create a cohesive visual identity for the brand across various platforms. This involves designing logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, merchandising materials, brand collaterals, mailers, newsletters, and magazines. Additionally, the role includes crafting creatives tailored to different social media platforms, advertisements, and web ads and banners.

The designer is tasked with translating the brand's essence into visually appealing and consistent materials that resonate with the target audience. This involves a keen understanding of design principles, brand guidelines, and an ability to adapt creatives to suit the specific requirements of each platform.

In summary, As a Graphics Designer is responsible for building and maintaining a strong visual presence for the startup through a wide range of design materials, contributing to brand recognitio
n and effective communication across various mediums.

Jan 2011 - Sep 2014

Company: NAKSH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Design and Print Operator

Key Responsibility: As a Design and Print Operator in a Print Production Company, the primary responsibility is to proficiently operate desktop publishing software and equipment for the design, layout, and production of camera-ready copy. This includes performing pre-flight operator duties to ensure the print files meet quality standards.

The role involves translating design briefs from clients or designers into tangible layouts for each page of the publication using desktop publishing (DTP) software. This encompasses selecting and formatting elements such as type size and style, column width, spacing, and checking and adjusting colors. As a Print Operator also handle the crucial task of scanning and editing photographs and other images to ensure they meet the desired print specifications.

In essence, the key responsibility is to execute the entire design and pre-press production process, ensuring the creation of high-quality, print-ready materials that align with client expectations and industry standards.


Apr 2009 - Dec 2010

Company: Shine Exports

Designation: Desktop Publishing Operator

My role as a Manager-Design post is responsible for overseeing and managing the design process for an organization. This includes leading a team of designers, setting design goals and objectives, and ensuring that designs meet the desired quality standards and customer requirements. I am also responsible for managing budgets and schedules, and for maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders and clients. Additionally, Involved in decision-making related to design and product development, and may also be responsible for mentoring and developing junior designers.


years of experience and still growing and leaning...


Projects delivered and still more to be delivered...

& still counting...

Independent Design Consultant 



Naksh Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a printing press with inhouse facility of creative designing, in the business for over 35 years in services. We have extensive experience in the field of printing and related ancillary work, offering our services of a wide range of print media including.


MatchBox is a content agency and consultancy, which strongly believes in simplifying content for the end consumer. We create content for everyone in the BFSI sector from insurers, AMCs, banks to FinTechs, start-ups and media companies, seeking specialised content.

Brand Innovation

Brand Innovation is a band of passionate artists in their own right. The team has members who boast of being a part of the digital marketing evolution. Designers who learnt the ropes in print medium and successfully transformed their skill to deliver captivating impressions on screen.



CBSE Board, Delhi 2003
CBSE Board, Delhi 2007
Sabarmati University
(Formerly known as Calorx Teachers' University)


Diploma in

Certificate in

Diploma in

Graphic &
Web Design
Visual and Graphic Design
Web Design
F-Tech Institute, Delhi 2007


Diploma in



CompTIA A+
CompTIA N+
Hardware & Networking
BITM, Delhi
CompTIA, Inc, BITM, Delhi 2012
CompTIA, Inc, BITM, Delhi 2012

Microsoft Certified

Cisco Certified

Microsoft Certified

Microsft Corporation, BITM,
Delhi | 
Cisco Systems, Inc, BITM, Delhi | 2012
Micorosft Corporation, BITM,
Delhi | 2012
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